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You can gain without suffering a pain. If you go to the dentist on time. 

Pain is not only a time you have to visit your dentist. Things start becoming bad way before pain starts.

What is pain. Pain is a trigger received by brain because of some kind of malformations, blockages and abnormalities on the way.

Just like other body parts, teeth suffer pain. Have you experienced teeth pain? That is horrible. As I said, when there are malformations, when there are disturbances in Physiology or when there are some kind of inflammations teeth pain starts..

A deep cavity, chipped out teeth, broken teeth, mobile teeth may give you pain. 

What happens before usual tooth pain?  
Alright, as I said already, it is irregularities in some activities, it is a sign of inflammation, it is breakage or disorientation on the way. 

But before happening all these things or the start of or initiation of pain (certain threshold limit of irregularities or difficulties that happen), a lot of damages are done.

When that minimum limit is crossed,  it starts giving you pain, you have to suffer pain. So, you have to think before that: before receiving pain forced visit to the dentist. 

You have to take care of your teeth on time. Some basic initial activities which are heading towards the tooth pain: slight erosion of your teeth, small part of enamel chipped out, slightly mobile teeth due to infection of gums and start of cavities. All may grow one day to the disastrous state, from this beginning point. So, you have to tame them on time. 

To make it sure that tiings haven’t started, you have to go to the dentist every six months or once a year, or sometimes even thrice a year( as your mouth is most active region of body). That is the reason why you have to go to dentist for checkups, you have to go to dentist ro rule out that something not good is not happening soon. Something not threatening, is not arriving soon. Dentist see your teeth, your oral cavity conditions or your gums conditions. 
By seeing bite wing X-ray that means the x ray which is done for the area where you cannot see from the outside, that is in between teeth which are hidden: contact of two teeth in the interface. So, ward possible dangers in future off, you have to go to the dentist regularly.

You can gain before you face pain. There is a saying that no pain, no gain, but in dentistry, you can gain without suffering a pain. If you go to the dentist on time. 

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