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Colour of teeth is not white. It is pearly white. Dentist in Nepal clarifies this.

Colour of teeth is not white, it is pearly white will be dealt with these points.

1. What is colour ?

2. What are the roles of colours in life?

3. Smile, teeth and colour.

4. perfect and natural colour of teeth ?

5. what to do with diff colours?

6. what to do with discoloured teeth and teeth making better looking?

Colour is perception by the eyes which comes all the way from light after falling on certain objects or certain things. then that fallen light comes into your eyes and your eyes perceive a colour or colors. It is that simple understanding of a color. Life is full of colours: seen and unseen colours. Some colours of sadness, some colours of happiness, some colours of peace, some colours of hope, joy, expectation and more.

Different colours have different roles and responsibilities in life, if we talk about seen colours. And, if we talk about unseen colours, life is full of multiple colours though that is the abstract part. So, let me explain color of a teeth as a dentist: smile, teeth and colours. Smile means opening your lips, brightening your face, widening your heart, and welcoming the world in front of you with your dazzling teeth.

Teeth play most important role in smile. Face, lips and teeth are like always complementing each other in smile. Just like you wear your dress in party be it suit for males or combination of ladies´ dresses, it is worn in diffrent color combination, nature has given matching combination of face skin, lips and teeth clour. So, colour of teeth is the best colour when they are matching the skin and liveliness of lips, mostly they are pearly white.

As naturally determined by the colour of your skin, and the brightness or the liveliness of your lips. So, usually, people think, snow White is the best colour of your teeth. But they are wrong. Usually, natural, and most simplest colour of teeth is pearly white . Pearly white means slighly darker than the snow white and more shining and transluscent than usual yellow colour. Just you go to your mirror and see, you will find that colour.

If your teeth are not deviated from its original colour, or if they’re with full of stains or artificially deposited layers above them, never get confused by overthinking your teeth are yellow. Do not feel sad as your teeth are not as white as snow. From today onwards, be sure and be confirmed that they are not less charming. So feel free and feel confidence that your teeth are somehow yellowish and beautiful.

As a dental clinician, it is true that we sometimes see some teeth are intrinsically stained, some are ground or eroded and some are scratched and chipped out by rough handling and less care of teeth. To make them better, there are options to make them in natural shape/size, to bleach them to turn to whiter than before, to mask dark points by veneers and sometimes crowns. To make dull surface shining and creating beautiful illusions are also possible. But, lightly thinking of about changing your tooth colour is mostly not advised and that has to be a last option only.

Please, ask your questions whatever you think and have been thinking about this. Like and follow our future posts. Keep brandishing your dazzling pearly whites. Keep sporting your unbriddled smile.

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