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Life and smile: braces, crowns and veneers by dentists in Nepal for your beautiful life.

Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry in Nepal. 

Aesthetic means to make it better looking, to make it alluring, to make it pleasing, to make it attractive, to make it comfortable to the eyes that look at it. 

So, aesthetic is also important for teeth and aesthetically pleasing teeth means when velvety curtain of two lips open, there peeps dazzling pearly whites to stun people in front. 

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So, a body’s attractive part is beautiful face, and beautiful face´s attractive part is, teeth. These teeth carry whole thing along. 

Making of attractive teeth, weaving of attractive smile, carving of attractive dental craft in their proper position, proper shape and proper angle is aesthetic dentist´s job or is called aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry.

Nepal cannot be away from the global trend as Nepal is also a part of global village, a microcosm. So dentistry in Nepal is also becoming a part of global dental village, that is why the new trend in making good smile, new trend in creating alluring pearly whites to promote smile, people in Nepal are also at par with the global level. 

Somebody with a gap in between two teeth,  front area with dark colored teeth,  twisted and turned teeth, larger than an average sized teeth, smaller in comparison to face size, gummy smile, dark spotted teeth, fractured teeth, twisted teeth and you name more. All these can be turned into one well aligned, symmetrically oriented, and in accordance with the color of the face, shape of the face and size of the face. So, that whole process of synchronizing  is Aesthetic Dentistry. 

With the growth of global trend, aesthetic dentistry in Nepal is growing and it is also rewarding as well. Must of the general dentist, do it even if only some of them may admit their special interest is Aesthetic Dentistry. Most of the specialist dentists do it as it is satisfying job.  Especially orthodontists (who work on wires and aligners) prosthodontist (who work on prosthesis) and general dentists ( who do all cases in daily basis) are focused to work as Aesthetic Dentist. 

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Color of the gums, look of the face, Color of the lips all play a role in tooth color. Face size and shape determines tooth size and arrangement symmetry.

In Nepal trending esthetic dentistry thing is giving crowns in front regions. In most of the cases it looms malpractices, as hell, as well. The reason is in the name of making better looking other easy and less damaging options are bypassed. Just for example, a gap can be closed by sectional wires or layering of composites. But, people jump into bulky looking crowns. 

Less common but becoming (slowly) more frequent is veneers and bleaching.

Veneer is like shining laminate of a table that comes in one surface only. Veneering dentistry is slowly rising in Nepal. Veneers are usually given for smaller teeth to make it look enlarged and for dark colored teeth to make shining. 

Bleaching is to make dark teeth to white and dazzling. Bleaching means doing chemical reaction in tooth and making the one whiter than before. 

Smile designing is also done digitally by using latest trend of software. Sometimes, wax mock up, or even inside the mouth mock up can be done. 

Most trendy esthetic dental treatment for youngsters in Nepal is wires and (latest fad) aligners which is done by dentists who are practicing ortho be it general dentist with ortho-dental special interest or orthodontist themselves.

Regarding the cost of aesthetic adjustments, It depends on the size, volume and extent of the work. Just for example,  polishing your smoke induced stains may incur you 1500 to 3000 to 5000 rupees. To reincarnate your smile with 12 anterior teeth veneers, upper 6 and lower 6 teeth, hundreds of thousands of rupees. For wire-helped correction it charges 40 thousands to multiple lakhs depending on service you are given. For bleaching( whitening) of your teeth 10 to 25 thousands and even more you may need to spend in Nepal. People spend money, they expect predictability. They expect long term result. 

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The result, I always say,  is not foolproof, nothing is failsafe. Yes, We expect and work for longevity when we work for it, but life is not always predictable and guaranteed. Everything has a time to fail and everything fails. That said, I don’t mean all works fail and all are unpredictable. But, written warranty cannot be given.

This, for example, if you are given emax veneers or Zirconia crowns, porcelain bridges by saying it is for  years and years, you have to be aware that you don’t have to open beer bottles from that tooth,  you don’t have to bite betel nuts and all tough things from that particular tooth by being oblivious.

Philosophy has to be there that everything that looks gorgeous is frail and easy to dismantle. Need to take care of that well and have to be attentive enough. Esthetically improved teeth are like that. Sometimes you have to wear guards, sometimes you have to be cautious enough not to tear hard foods. 

And what are the benefits of aesthetic dental treatment. 

First thing is you instill your confidence in you. So, that person can open very confidently. And, when somebody is confident he or she can do very good job in life, they can perform well, they can present themselves in the masses or in front of people during their public work, in their community. So, instilling confidence is most important thing, and that is the main motto, that is the main mission of esthetic Dentistry.

After that, there are so many celebrities who want to look good in camera, or in front of their audiences, they want to look better in visuals.  

And, for some people when they are going to marry. They want to look good in front of their going to be spouses, in front of their in laws´ families during meetings before getting married. They want to look with beautifully smile.

By Dr Dinesh Karki, Dentist Based in Kathmandu.  

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