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Going to roots: Roots’ treatment in infected tooth, popularly known as root canal treatment.

Tooth has a head and root. Inside that whole tooth, there is chamber with blood vessels and nerves. That nerve and vascular system make tooth a living and sensitive.
So, when the tooth gets fractured,  that chamber is involved.When caries´ cavity goes deeper, that chamber is involved. When tooth gets hit/wounded, that chamber is involved.

When that inner chamber is involved, root starts having unbearable pain. Tooth stops working. Sleep may go. Swelling may be visible.
So, we have to intervene there. That  chamber is cleaned nicely and filling of that chamber with filling materials is done. Which is popularly called as Root canal treatment.

That chamber is connected to body through root apex. So, cleaning and filling has to be done till root apex without leaving any debris and tissue tags. So that any chance of leftover infection would not be there. That is why you have to get treated with registered dentists who do work considering everything.

Length of that chamber depends on which tooth that is.  It is done by regularly monitored while doing root canal treatment or simply saying  working on that chamber.Sometimes it is finished the same day and sometimes it is done in multiple visits depending on severity of case.This is how a nerve route inside tooth is cleaned and treated.
Life is always unpredictable. Any part and parcel of life is also unpredictable, so is this treatment. But, the treatment itself is expected to work for many years to come if it is properly taken care.

Cleaned and filled chamber is weaker than natural one as all the natural tissues are removed so it has to be reinforced from top to make it ready to crush food as before by some kind of roof, or reinforcement or a strong support system so that it can chew food, grind food while colliding with the opposing teeth.

So, a reinforcement, a Crown, is also important. You can wear any crown that is comfortable, strong and esthetically not compromised.
Going to roots to address severe dental pain is as simple as that. That chamber is cleaned and is filled and sealed from above.
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