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To Flourish Fraternity, Team management is must. Focus Dentists in Nepal

Role division in a team ( This management concept was written by Dr Dinesh Karki around 2012, later edited and sent to all the then executives of 2014 too.)

With the increased pressure of fraternity’s existence and prestige being scarce amid the health care system of Nepal along with other communities regarding press, business and international connections, it is our immediate need to show productive participation and presence there. 

Question may arise—who will take care of it all?

Answer: we all dentists.


Question: Is it possible to take us all dentists to the fore?

Answer: Not we all. We have representatives. 


Question: Who are they?

Answer: NDA executives who have been given mandate to fight for the fraternity. 


Question: May not sound fair! What is the role of remaining dentists? Just to reap the benefits out executives’ hard work? 

Answer:   There is a crucial role of remaining dentists, yes: To facilitate the executives when needed. But, Executives should exercise their role and responsibility in the first place. Gaps and glitches, weaknesses and slow result, if arise, must be complemented by the rest in the back force.


Question: What are the problems NDA facing?

Answer:    Innumerable.


Question: quackery issue?

Answer: Not exactly.


Question: Then? 

Answer: Already said—Innumerable!


Question: Innumerate worth mentioning!

Answer: 1. Our bleak presence within other health fraternities and concerns 2. Media’s underestimation to the dentistry 3. Our activity not growing out of limited boundary. 4. Awareness to the masses is not visible 5.NO space in the government sponsored media clips 6. Not properly allotted space in government’s health priority. 7. Our less than needed international connections 8. Our empty coffer  9. Our not hard-hitting journals and publications. 10. Not streamlined we (sometimes it seems-election time cold shoulder prevails around ). So on and so forth.


Question: What is the solution? is it possible to deal?

Answer: Yes, possible! It should be a long term plan. Should start in a small scale and NOW. Executives should lead and shouldering of it should be continued by upcoming one. All dentists should facilitate.


Question: How the role and responsibility be divided among executives, in the first place?

Answer: Earmarking all dentist at one side for the needed responsibility, we can start with elected Executives’ roles being divided. Numbering can be started from Executive-1 (president) to executive number-9(say a member). There are altogether 9 executives. We can also form young and energetic newcomers’ wing and team who can facilitate executives. 

Let’s talk about roles! 

President: Connect with international dentists and communities, make himself/herself present for national level health care meetings as a representative of dentists, present agenda, seek cooperation and be a guiding pillar to all the national dentists. Be a perfect leader.

Vice president: Connect with national level health care sections, getting connected to other fraternities as an acting president, co-ordinate/ cooperate executives, help president for international connections and motivating new comers.

There are other 7 executives remaining. Without any feeling of hierarchy, they individually can work for the betterment of the fraternity. Here it goes:

Executive no 3:  Get in touch with media, public relation, social connection, rapid response to media’s mistakes and on top all taking fraternity to the 

next level in a public’s perception.

Executive no 4: Look after regular finance, fundraising concepts and “socially responsible NDA” activities and  events.

Executive no 5: Looking after awareness sections, Communicating with government sections regularly for prioritizing dentistry along with obtaining fund (If communication with government grows complex President must interfere in need).

Executive no 6: Publication, research and connection with academic section of dentists. 

Executive no 7: Membership drive (with the help of President / vice president’s motivational speeches) and consolidating new comers and lighting hope of NDA.  

Executive no 8: Inter-dentist communication, activities and events like CDE ( regional/central both needed)

Executive no 9: Looking after website, its regular marketing, bulletins (not needed only in glossy papers. Nowadays a PDF bulletin can work better) and identifying/checking/balancing unwanted non dentists people in our social site circles.

Now, If any of the executives who can not cover the responsibility by any reason can ask for help (from non-executive member) whom s/he trusts and expect the capability. Eg:  Dr Radha or Dr Krishan who is suppose ex no 4 or 6 cannot manage all work,  can seek help from Dr Ram Or Dr Sita whom S/he trust and ask for favor to help one of the duty. There is where non executives can be of help. Otherwise, “elected are elected” and they must initiate the activity by trying hard to deal with the responsibility first. And, I hope every member of NDA should be ready to help in need of executives.  

If NDA has work plans previously drafted please share here in the comment box in the PDF format so that everyone interested including me can read and suggest more of new ideas. 

Let’s start seeing “A small change” from this tenure onwards and incumbent executives would get a credit for starting this kind of work division. 

Upcoming ones will keep adding bricks to the wall making our fraternity more and more taller/visible.

How many hours an elected executive can contribute for NDA?

Two  hour a day out of his/her clinic/office time? 

Yes or No?

If no, we will stay as it is and election would just be formality once in a two-year. 

If Yes, just calculate:

It means: 730 hours a years, or 1460 ours in a whole tenure. Which is a lot ! plus not exec members’ contribution time can also be added. So, one executive if responsibly works 1460 hours in his/her tenure for his/her assigned work, change can be brought forth. Then NDA election will start being hot topic, So many people will compete for the post, better and capable will go ahead and Nepali dentistry will rise.

If we don’t come up like that, 

A. People will keep on mentioning us as not BDS/MDS but “equivalent to MBBS or something else”.

B. we will be mentioned not researchers/planners/policy makers but just as inside-the-cubicle carpenters who fix teeth for some bucks and survival.

C. Media, business sectors and community at large will not take us as one of the health care feeders but as an individual with a “Teeth-FIXING-shop” like mobile repairing shop.

Lets think, discuss amid our small circles and try to execute in a simpler way possible with the expectation of noticeable change.

Who helps and who doesn’t is not a question in the beginning. Question must come up as- – executives have already started their assigned role in a promising way but why others are not helping?    


Anybody can disagree with more workable ideas along. Especially  expected from newcomers !!!

In case if this per head work division concept, with NDA, is not a new thing, why dint it work with us in the past? Lets start finding faults on the execution level and work that way. But, we need to evolve ! 

By Dr Dinesh Karki , Dentist Based in Kathmandu. Part time blogger and author. Founder DentalTreeNepal #DentistNepal

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