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Find a dentist in Nepal for your better oral health.

Dentistry started circa 7000 BC and grew slowly all the way to Pierre Fauchard’s time around  17/18 century ( This article is being written in Kathmandu around 2021 by 21 century Nepali Dentist Dr Dinesh Karki  ) Let’s continue:  The French surgeon used watch making small equipments like twisting and turning armamentorium and shaving razors to treat and do dental treatments.  Pierre Fauchard is a father modern dentistry. 

Dentists all around Nepal

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After that, world has not been the same. Dentistry too has travelled long distance from that primitive state to today’s laser, AI and Robotic dentistry. 


Our part of the world, Nepal, Nepali Dentistry, Katmandu based dentist and dentistry, have also been a part of dental world’s microcosm.

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Nepal can now boast good dental manapower: hardworking cum dexterous general dentists and knowledged packed dental academician to super specialists in all the specilaity based dental services in Kathmandu and out of Kathmandu valley. 

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With the advent of dental school, private dental hospitals, and clinics, professionalism in dentistry (in Nepal ) is slowly rising. 

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I still remember one senior dentist fro Kathmandu recounting  his experience as a dental clinician just 30 years ago: doing incomplete RCTs due to limited resources, going and redressing rct cases at nights of the same day it was opened/dressed due to pain,  not so good tooth digging machines, not-that-well-fitting Indian lab made fixed dentures/bridges, amalgam anecdotes,  and more. Service was that unpredictable those days. Still, they worked by heart that is why dentistry in Nepal sustained. 

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And, another senior dentist, I remember saying, they used to have professional gatherings at small restaurants. He means that number of dentists then were very less.

Fast forward 25 plus years, dentistry in Nepal has grown so so rapidly.   

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Now, you can have services like “Single day root canal filling followed by flashy and strong tooth crowns of Zirconia” in Kathmandu. You can get flashy looking, no bleeding  laser surgeries in dental clinic of Kathmandu, to correct teeth have many better and cool options to have perfect smiles in the prthodontoc clinics Kathmandu viz: invisible aligners, lingual wires for crooked teeth management and other cutting age things are being at the diposal of common people who need dental service.

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Every corner in Kathmandu brandishes flashy dental clinics with well embossed boards and plates. And, number of dentists have increased. Kathmandu centred dentists are slowly moving out to start flashy dental clinics to districts and small Towns of Nepal as dental health awarenes is slowly growing around that area too. 

In a nutshell, Nepal’s dentistry is moving up. Specialty based dental practice is springing up. Many dentists are working around the countries. Here we have some Registered dentist from Nepal some are in Kathmandu and some from out of Kathmandu.

Dentist near you who can be addressing your smile concern, hygiene concern and emergceny concern well.

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If you live in Sindhuli or Dang or Gorkha. You may plan to come to Kathmandu for the better dental care as city is not that far but a good dentist can be near you. So you can find the best one there. So, sort that out before you leave for the downtown. We can be of help.

You can search your dentist here based on your problem, your area/location, and specialty ( if you are aware of). We have now around hundred Nepali dentists ( practicing in diffrent parts of the country including Kathmandu and major cities)  from general Dentists to specialists from Orthodontics to Oral and maxillofacial surgery, root canal expert to children’s teeth expert, and all.