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Dental Floss: A thread that changes overall condition of your dental and oral health.

To educate and aware common people, something about dental floss, Under this topic,

1.What is dental floss, 
2.what is the function of dental floss, to use dental floss. 
4. In which time you have to use dental floss. 
5.Benefits of dental floss 
and 6.where these dental floss you can get from ? 

Dental floss is a kind of thread that goes between teeth. It is available in different brands, types and forms. 

After every food, food debris goes between your teeth. That can not be cleaned by normal brushing or rinsing. Dental floss goes between these teeth and removes impinged debris and food particles. So that these brush unreachable areas too become clean. Just like you thread your face to remove certain unwanted thing in your facial surface,  You can use this floss to remove stuck debris. 

You can snap a piece of thread from the bundle or even with handle is available. And, you can run this thread within teeth interface.

Flossing is supposed to do after every square meals if you can manage. If you are unable to manage twice daily,  at least try to do after your evening meal because mouth is closed during night when decaying of impinged food is more probable leaving your breath stinking next morning and harming your gums in the long run.

Because of regular flossing, dental cavities will not form in bewteen teeth, gums will not bleed, teeth will not migrate away leaving bigger spaces for more food impaction. More of foul smell will be stopped as that smell comes from hidden debris. Gums will be healthy. 

With the advent of more supplies of dental hygiene goods,  You can get it from the nearby shopping malls,  nearby grocery stores, or even in your nearby pharmacy stores. it can be available in two forms:  in a bundle or in the form of handle.Handled one is easy to use but it depends on your habit. So both the forms are available at your disposal

So, it’s just like cleaning your face or removing unwanted things from facial structures you do facial to look better, to make your skin shining, you can do same with the teeth,  it improves the health of your gums, it improves the health of your teeth, It improves the freshness of your oral cavity, and it improves the life of your breath, it improves your personal hygiene, it improves your overall hygiene. 

Will you floss today? or are you alreay used to it? please let us know. Ask your questions.

Watch Video version: Speech by Dr Rebecca Malla, general dentist based in Kathmandu.

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