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Gums care in Dental clinics in Nepal: Debunking myths.

What is cleaning of your teeth? Debunking the myth public carrying “

What is cleaning of teeth? 
Daily brushing may not take away all the debris from unreachable and neglected areas of your teeth/gums. 
So, professional cleaning called scaling ( oral prophylaxis ) is important and must. And, Dental Cleaning service is available in any dental Clinics in Kathmandu and around the places in Nepal.

Gums doctors in Nepal

There is a misconception that patients who go to the dentists in Nepal usually fear: by doing cleaning it weakens teeth, dentist in Nepal are, most of the times, also blamed for making teeth mobile and sensitive after doing teeth cleaning in  dental clinics in Nepal. This is utter nonsense and false hearsay that teeth weakens. Rather teeth becomes strong and gums becomes flexible after taking away layers of debris where millions of detrimental bacteria reside, digging out mines of tartars  and making teeth and gums exhaling fresh air again. Yes, untrained manpower who imposter themselves as dentist in Nepal if happen to do cleaning and other dental treatments this negative result in not impossible. 

Cleaning of teeth by Dentsts in Nepal

To clean teeth trained dentists (in Nepal) use state of the art equipment, they do very gingerly, do it very slowly. There is no question of weakening teeth. 
Yes, due to removal of debris and revealing underlying cavities and erosions can feel some sensations, teeth which are precariously perching over tartar ridges can come out as these are already damaged things. Not because of this procedure.  
Otherwise, cleaning helps teeth/gums to be strong, shining, lighter and dazzling.  

Who are gums doctor? Periodontists

After cleaning of teeth/gums, circulation becomes better, area becomes harmful-microbes free,  swelling subsides, tissue becomes healthy and resilient that tightly grips teeth ( so mobility stops if it was before). 

Teeth cleaning is one of the steps of mission good smile. Dentist in Nepal

Release of foul smell lessens or stops. Bleeding of gums slowly becomes rare.
But, if severely suffered gums is there, it needs multiple visits of cleaning. Single visit is not sufficient in most of the cases as this is regular biological steps and you have to break the chain of deep rooted bacteria, from debris, time and again.

So, some people, who go for dentists for dental cleaning in Nepal after enough is damaged in their gums/teeth. expect magical result after one time cleaning of their years long debris/tartar. Which is unfair and not possible. And, these people who expect magical return  blame dentists for not doing good job. Yes, this happens.

Now, very sophisticated gums surgeries are also being started by Dentists in Nepal. Specially gum specialist doctors do such gum surgeries. Some use lasers and some gums´ dentist ( periodontists) do conventional surgical methods. 

It is true that some dental clinicians in Nepal may delegate teeth and gums cleaning job to juniors and hospitals may give gums and teeth cleaning role to short term trained staffs. And, if they do their job in a rush with speed of machines and less meticulously, harm can be done. This is another possibility.

But, by seeing these less frequent and exceptional cases,  precious process of mission-good-oral-health done by serious clinicians should not be blamed and should not be compared with the charlatans. 

So, crux is — cleaning does not harm teeth and gums provided clinician should be well trained, equipment should be good and proper, enough time should be given and should be meticulously done. 

Cleaning helps gums become better with fresh air and blood flow. Dentist in Nepal.

Be free of foul smelly mouth, no bleeding while kissing, Say- ahh ! and emanate fresh air to your intimate person and people around. 

By Dr Dinesh Karki, Kathmandu based Dentist and curator of Dentist Nepal and Dental Tree Nepal.

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