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Importance of regular Dental Check ups and Gums’ health !

Dental Checkups are more frequent things you have to do. Just like we go for our hair cut, for our blood pressure check or for our usual health queries. Teeth are also regularly working like Kathmandu ring road bus in their day in  and day out works. So we have to check them out and figure out in a regular basis whether they are doing well.  

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So regular dental check ups are most important thing you have to do. You can find good dentist (in Nepal) or more specifically if you are in Kathmandu, find a dentist and get regular oral hygiene evaluation.  Dentist Nepal team with Dr Dinesh and management team are here for advising you your current oral health carer or doctors. By regular check ups, most of the time gums’ hygiene is a prime concern. After that other things like fillings and more come into play.

Teeth Cleaning is also known as doing scaling or technically called oral prophylaxis. Removing debris from your teeth, making it shining better than it was before and fresh gust air emanating from your oral cavity are expected after properly making your pearly whites free from extra unwanted layers of debris.

Teeth Whitening and teeth polishing are different things people are confused about. Teeth whitening is changing the color of teeth from previous color to more prominent and bright color. In tooth polishing activity just paste and brush are used but for teeth whitening, chemicals are used that act with the contents of teeth/enamel. After that interaction, teeth becomes whiter than it was before. ALWAYS WHITENING OF TEETH ARE NOT ADVISED because sometimes teeth color and skin color has to match just like window color and curtain behind need color coordination. That means tooth whitening is not always good. For dental teeth whitening, you can search a dentist as your local registered dentist via dentist Nepal dentists pool or BDS dentist or MDS dentists around your place who are specialized or special interest in cosmetic dentistry.

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For your healthy gums, in dental office, your gum dentist sees your gums’ health condition. Bleeding or bad smell or painful gums are seen more often. Your gums’s dentist can be BDS dentist or specialise MDS dentist or sometimes hygienists will take care of it.

Meeting dentist in Kathmandu for your gums’ health is not always easy and advisable as it is about money, time and your focus. So, before things becoming bad, you doing usual brushing and flossing can prevent most of the worst situations.

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