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Marketing your business!

Web Portal, gateway to dental marketing!

Websites with good and persuasive content is must lately. So, you can stat your own website which starts from 25/30 thousands  …..

Things needed for website

  1. Good photos
  2. Short videos
  3. You tube links
  4. Facebook page
  5. And, good content

Examples of good website are:

Mission statement of your business is must. People may get attracted.

Blogs are must important to reach a crowd. So, you can start writing a short and hitting blogs regularly. Write about the cases you do.  Mix some interesting matters to make it less dry.

Be a member of google business and ask people to review it.

Start Instagram, YouTube, Facebook page, twitter account of your business.

At least three good videos of you business.

Owner’s message

Office overview


Regular Blog for web , Regular Videos for Tube.

By Dr Dinesh Karki.Dentist based in Kathmandu. Marketing enthusiast 

For any help ( questions about web, content, how to connect them to pages, how to do by yourself, or professional help) Messege us here

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