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Four Dental Visits You Must Do!

Dentistry in Nepal is growing fast. But it’s still — there are so many people, who don’t go to dental clinics even for basic checkups.

Dental checkups and teeth cleaning are most important things, a person has to do at least every year, if not in six to eight months´ interval.

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During dental checkups, dental fillings are also advised, because due to the regular hard work of teeth, teeth can be eroded or they are with cavities or teeth can be fractured, or if it has gone deeper, root canals is needed. And even if you don’t take care of the teeth that needs a root canal, you have to take that out and you have to go for dental bridges, or for root canal done teeth you have to go for dental crowns. So, to avoid dentures in your mouth. You have to visit dentist in Nepal (or anywhere you live) after some interval of time as said above.  In Nepal you can call the dentist is BDS dentist who are general dental practitioners and gives you all the treatments  you need or MDS dentist who are specialized to treat your particular teeth problem. BDS dentist or MDS dentist are only in Nepal but in other parts of the world, it is DDS dentist or DMD dentist. 

Dentists in Biratnagar

In other parts of the world dental service place are called dental office. But in Nepal, it is called dental clinic or dental practice or dental hospital.  So, dental clinic or dental practice in Nepal, or dental office in Nepal can be nearby your place, you have to go to and find your nearby dentist in Kathmandu or Dental doctor in Pokhara or Dental clinician in Biratnagar or other parts of Nepal. But good thing is– dentists in Nepal are not just focused in Kathmandu only. As dental practices outside Kathmandu have been more rewarding and less competitive, dental service in Jhapa or Dhangadi or Nepalgunj is slowly growing. With the advent of internet and its amenities, Dentist in Dang can have same dental clinical convenience as Dentist in Kathmandu can have: online learning, consulting with seniors and going to global learning platform as well. 

Next important part of dentistry is called your children’s dentist in Nepal, it is called pediatric dentist or dentist for your kids.  Dentists after their masters in children’s teeth, gums and behavior, are pedo-dentists. Number of children’s dentists in Nepal are growing by the year. So, another important thing is you have to take your kids after they are two years or more( not that specific)  to baby dentists, dentists for your babies. Or you can even take her to your family dentist. General dentists are called family dentists as well. In the absence of special dentist for kids, general dental practitioners in Nepal take care of them. 

Pedodontists in Kathmandu

With the rise of Dental hospital culture in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu where big dental hospitals, emergency dental care is also available. So, another important part of dentistry in Nepal is emergency dentistry, emergency dental care means a dentist who has to be near your place and all time available. That is why I mentioned dental hospital in Nepal play big role to manage emergency dental service. It was specially seen during Covid-19 pandemic days. 

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So, rush nearby dental office or dental clinic or dental practice in Nepal or in Kathmandu or other part of the country, when emergency happens. Emergency dentist in Nepal ( and elsewhere) means severe pain in your teeth, or tooth pain or pain in your jaw or pain in your upper or lower part of mouth, fracture of a teeth and jaw, accidental break of your teeth or accidental coming-out of your teeth. Severe pain from your infected wisdom tooth or deeply decayed teeth need root canal treatment is also managed as dental emergency by Dentists in Nepal.

Dentists in Nepal

Emergency dentists can see your bleeding situations from trauma in teeth, sports injury in teeth, kids falling while walking. 

So your local dentist in Nepal can be available via dentist search in Nepal. You can go to the website of And we are there to help you find you dental offices, children’s Dentist, Dental Emergency or emergency dentist and teeth cleaning services, family dentist in Nepal and your neighborhood, General dentists around districts of Nepal ( not only Kathmandu is basic dental service provider in Nepal). 

So, very basic dentistry in Nepal ( and elsewhere) is regular checkup, cleaning, kids teeth taking care of and emergency dental visit.  

By Dr Dinesh Karki, Dentist in Kathmandu and admin of and DentalTreeNepal