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How long our teeth remain in mouth? Do teeth have age? How they live long life?

What is the real age of our teeth. And how long is their life, how to avoid their unnatural death.

Dealing with five points,

 1. Birth of your teeth. 

2. Teeth growth and their care. 

3. illness of your teeth. 

4. Loss of your teeth and death of your depth.

5. Rehabilitation of your death.

 Birth of your teeth starts from when you are Six to eight month old. These are milk teeth. That teeth eruption keeps going till it becomes 20 inside children’s mouth. And these teeth starts coming down. Permanent teeth starts coming at the age of sex mixing with milk teeth. Number of permanent teeth is 32, including four wisdom teeth. So usually 28 teeth are considered permanent teeth, remaining wisdom teeth are weird, sometimes they are extracted, and sometimes they are let be there. So, permanent teeth eruption starts at the age of six or so and it keeps going till 20/22/23. 

Teeth growth is just like our body grows. It slowly grows inside the bone of our jaw. It has different layers, nerve vessel chamber inside called pulp, soft layer called dentin and hard layer enamel ( hardest part of our body too). Immediately after teeth comes out of jaw bones, they need care just like we human. Caring means not only teeth but comprehensive care including bones holding it and gums wrapping it till its nake just like its whole family. So you have to clean your gums. You have to let your bones be healthy through gums and you have to make your teeth always clean and not harmed  by any external forces forces to suffer erosions, abrasions, fractures. That is how you care, your teeth. 

Teeth ilness means teeth not being able to work: sensations, unbearable pain, its mobility and loosing grip with the bone, not being able to  crush that food.  

If it looses grip with bone and gums tooth becomes ill. Or, The strongest part enamel if gets lost, teeth start becoming ill.  Enamel is lost by acidid erosion or rough surface like hard brush and food induced abrasion or accidental or carelessness resulting chipping out.Plus, long term debris induced decaying of teeth, caries. 

If these vatieties of illnesses are not treated on time, death of your teeth is irrevocable or loss of your teeth is surefire. So death of your teeth means your nerve becomes infected and goes uncared. Slowly teeth starts becoming weak, crumbled and just the root system stays inside your teeth. That is death of your teeth. And loss of your teeth means unhealthy gums ( and bones) if lose a full grip, tooth comes out.

So age of teeth from the birth to this detachment or falling or reamaining roots only, depends.  Sometimes we can see 80 year old person having all the teeth, all the pearly whites, smiling having hard foods chewing nuts. And sometimes, 40/45 or even   young and gallant person having a lot of missing teeth, or even sometimes having not a single tooth inside their oral cavity. So, I mean to say, if you don’t care it slowly starts not reciprocating. So, care your teeth, gum and bone, collectively, to have it serve you life time. 

This is why you cannot predict the age of your teeth, or you cannot say what is the age of your teeth. It only depends, all upon your care. It depends all upon your love to these pearly whites. 

Treating ill teeth by filling and rehabiliating, replacing lost teeth by dentures, bridges and implants are last options which are not better off as compared to your teeth. In our upcoming videos we will be talking about treatments of deasesd and lost teeth. But, as preventive health adage goes, prevention is better that cure.  

Please let your teeth live their natural life. Stop them from dying before their age. As I said teeth live as long as the person who holds this lives.

Here is a video speech on the same topic by Dr Rupa Pant, Kathmandu based general dentist.

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