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Harmful habit at Night that dentists solve!

Husband and wife enters Dental Clinic ( in Kathmandu)
“He is not letting me have a good sleep every night, what is the solution, doc?” wife complains me pointing her husband. 
“Does he comes home drunk and makes noise and all? or, he does other misbehaves?” I asked thinking that this could be domestic violence. 

“I never drink alcohol, do not do tobacco and I dont have other bad habits!” Husband clarifies.  
“ No doc, good thing is he doesn’t have habits of drinking and all” Wife again surprises me praising him as well. 
“what is the reason that he doesn’t let you sleep then ?” I asked.

” He grinds his teeth whole night. A shiver runs down my spine every time he does that. He gnashes his teeth just like he is griding stones.”  wife explains.
Now, things become clear from this statement. 
Then we advice him Night Guard that is for one whole jaw that covers all the teeth from anterior to posteriormost. 
Night Guard is cover of your whole teeth that stops two jaws ( upper and lower) to touch during sleeping time. So, that unconscious feeling of biting slowly lessens as that cover becomes a disturbing factor for regular touching of upper and lower teeth. Then habit of grinding slowly goes. But, it takes time, be careful, and when you stop wearing night guard before that habit goes, it will relapse again. So, use fairly for good duration time.

It is done by general dentists, prosthodontists and even orthodontists. If you are also going through that problem, meet your nearby Dentist in Nepal and get service as soon as possible.

So use NIGHT GUARD for some period of time until and unless you stop gnashing at night. There are some main reasons for uncoscioulsy clenching  your teeth: anxiety and anger. So, treatment of those or calming yourself is also important.

The cost incurred for this guard is way less than the cost for treating your damaged, fratured, chipped and ground teeth. 

Happy sleeping. 


By Dr Dinesh Karki, Dentist in Kathmandu . Curator of #DentistNepal and Dental Tree Nepal

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