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Pulp Problem: intolerable tooth trouble.

Dentist in Nepal Dental Pain solution

Dental Pulp is one of the vital and complicated parts in human body, but it is inside the teeth, which is one of the hardest parts of body. Pulp problem means unbearable pain coming from tooth.

So when pulp faces problem or when pulp´s problem appears? 

1.Deep Cavity in Teeth ; when a decay or cavity deepens or when the hardest part of body, enamel, gets eroded or softened or eaten away by debris-generated-acids that develops inside the dentin and a bit softer part (dentin) again gets decayed, or softened or gets eaten by  decaying chemical, It goes inside the pulp. So dental cavity leads to pulp problem if untreated on time.

Dentist in Nepal Dental Pain solution

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2. Fracture of teeth;  when tooth gets split due to hit, due to trauma or due to strong bite or even sometimes when you  open the lid of bottles by your teeth.  When the tooth gets split, it will divide into two parts obviously, or a chunk may get splintred and that crack leads to the pulp just like when we split a log exposing inner part or center.  

3. Traumatic death of teeth; sometimes trauma may not be a s strong to fracture teeh but regular heat, hard hit or impact by something may slowly cause pulp to die and make tooth non living. So,  even if it doesn’t get fractured, the impact of that hit or the force of that hit enters to the soft tissue called pulp. And then Pulp probably die. 

4. Dental filling induced death of teeth; There are certain feelings when they are filled in the cavity of teeth they may lead to pulp death, or pulp problem. These are usually seen when white fillings are done. 

So, what is the solution of problem and how to ward these causes off? 
Prevention in case of prevntable condition: Wear mouth gourd during sports activities, do not use your teeth to open bottles of drink, save your mouth from being hit while cycling, running, jumping and similar activities. 

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But, when pulp problem happens, there is nothing left except you have to remove the pulp and replace it with something biocompatible cements or materials or a technically known as gottapercha and sealers which are of different types and kinds. It is called root canal treatment. We have already dealt with root canal treatment in our previous blogs and even on one of our dentalks.

What is RCT: Root canal Treatment

Hence the problem if could not be prevented (in the first place) it can be solved by RCT or in worst case scenarion tooth needs to be taken out with leftover option of implant  or denture that too we have already talked on under topic: Prosthesis and smile again, a blog and dentalk. 

This blog was written by Dr Dinesh Karki.


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