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Dentists in Biratnagar, one of the dentist hubs in eastern NEPAL.

As dentistry too is slowly decentralizing, smart and expert dentists are focused on their own local places to serve local people instead of queueing up in the hustle and bustle of the main city. So, dentistry in Nepal is also slowly growing out of Kathmandu as well.

But then Biratnagar is another big city with education, health and wealth equally thriving together. Just like other health services, dentistry is also becoming a part of people there with so many dentists doing their work in hospital and clinics. I ( curator of this platform) still remember during my internship postings circa 2007, marathon tooth extraction we used to have in Koshi Zonal hospital with sweat soacked aprons till lunch time. Lot of people used to pour in from different part of Biratnagar and vicinity districts.

It means Biratnagar has been catering dental service to people from very long back. For me too it has been 12 odd years. Be it in a hospital set up or in a praviate practice, dentistry in biratnagar growing.

Seems things have been all the more better than before now.

Dr Abhishek Kumar is Biratnagar based pedodontist who mainly an expert of children’s gums and teeth. His dental practice is Toothbud Dental speciality clinic. Adarsh tole, Biratnagar-7, District-Morang, Province no.1

Dr Abhishek kumar

Dr Anuj Khanal is birantnagar based dentist now. He is a prosthodontist that means he is an expert of dentures, and orofacial prosthesis. For all the dentures ranging from complete denture, partial dentures, fixed prosthesis and orofacial prosthesis he will be of service. He works with Birat Dental Home, Koshi hospital chowk.

Video: what is complete dentures?

Dr Amit Kumar Singh is an endodontist (in Biratnagar). Endodontist means he is an expert of your teeth filling and specially treating infected root of your teeth. That is commonly called as Root canal treatment. He is with Smart care dental Clinic, Biratnagar.

info: What is root canal treatment ?

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