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Nepali Dental Suppliers

Yes, business in Nepali dentistry is still via connections. Door to door, phone call to phone call or facebook post or message to message. This is not ideal. Things must grow beyond that. Yes Nepali dental fraternity is very small and like a small family till date so people can do business via connections through facebook posts, a quick call and door to door visit. But, a business culture of corporate social responsibility is needed. A new product launch, new business party entry and new concept have to be via a trustable source.

Yes, money or investmennt comes in between. If a quick call or sending staff to door to door service work, why businessman invest money in standard culture of connecting costumers via trustable sources.

But, it is a clarion call that couple of long term focused investers must pay for CSR issues. Their investment will return and establish well in the long run. So, those who are wotking for the Nepali dental supply field are requested to to be part of DentistNepal . Lets grow together!

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