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Taking your teeth out is difficult and dangerous than it appears. So, be conscious enough and chose specialist wisely.

Dental Tree nERPAL

Taking out of your teeth by untrained manpower can be always worse than registered dentist.

First of all, talking about biology of teeth. 
It is within bone connected with blood vessels, connected with nerves, and they are firmly wrapped by gums. This is how tooth is supplied nutrients, minerals, and more necessary growth factors from the body from blood and other vehicles, and sensitivity or the sense of teeth is generated by nerve.

In our part of the world, with a little bit pain , or a little bit decay, little bit of uneasy experience from teeth,  people want to take it out to get life long relief from irritation. But that can not happen, as there are other teeth trouble if you do not love and care teeth. if you don’t care, or little caries or little negligence or little ruin of the teeth may start another series of pain. Taking out of teeth is not always a solution.  

when to take out your teeth?  when it is useless? When it is weakened to the worst condition? 
When it is fractured, and it cannot be salvaged. When it is gone down to gums area by decay, when it is hidden and irritating around the back corner of mouth that is wisdom teeth area. 

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There was a time in our part of the world, when dentistry was not grown during our grandparents days,  untrained manpower in the village used to take the teeth out by common pincers. So tradition of taking taking out teeth lighty has been continued. But, life has changed, systemic diseases of a person,  life style and food habits of people,  responsibility, pressure and anxiety level have grown. Immujity level might have less than of those days. That connects to body and body response. 

Dental Tree nERPAL

So people must not take it lightly to take out teeth. With the advancement, and with the growth of the whole system of environment and all other systemic diseases. People have become more complicated than ever:  person with diabetes, a person with blood pressure, and more daily diseases. 
So, when you go for taking out your teeth. When you go for taking away your teeth. First of all, you don’t have to overlook a person who takes out your teeth, because, as I said, the human life has become more complicated, more systemic diseases, more lifestyle diseases have grown, and it is not exactly the same when there was a time people used to take out teeth from all the people in the village, or in remote areas or by basic health aids. So, when you take out teeth. It has to be carefully monitored carefully taken history and a person who takes out  has to be at least Nepal Medical Council registered dentist. Nepal Medical Council doctors are those who have gone through so many layers of examinations in dental school and couple of examinations, taken by Medical Council, and other profesaional institutions. So, they are capable enough to take out your teeth as I already said it is a complicated form of biology, inside the oral cavity. To break that connection of teeth with oral cavity or of human biology, to break that nexus between teeth and body, may seem easy but is very difficult. It should not be taken lightly.

You may think, and ask!, what may happen while taking out our teeth?   My uncle did that with untrained one, my friend did not have that problem, My brother did that in that local clinic with basic health support. Yes, Complications may not everyday. Mother nature is strong enough. It may not happen every now and then.  But, what if the next complications is for you?  What if it’s your turn next? 
So, be aware on time.  
What all may happen?  If somebody has a bleeding disorder, continuous bleeding from that area may happen. What will you do if your bleeding is not stopped because of some other systemic reasons? 
Patient may faint while doing this. Less blood to the brain may cause that. Some psychological accidents can happen while taking our teeth like restlessness and anxiety. what would be the consequences if you are under untrained person’s care?  There can be other reasons, if tooth root gets fractured and stuck inside bone to take that needs surgery. If your larger vessels around corner of mouth is ruptured and incessant bleeding starts. What will be the consequences?  Whag if your nerve that supplied to lips get cut or snapped? 

Common people know less about oral structure. It is not less than a circuitry radio that you see when open. To handle that complicated network, please go to the expert who knows that well. 

So, you are advised to go to the trained manpower , registered manpower. A person who has a degree in that particular subject, in that particular area. Think twice before suffering damages that cannot be altered.   

So taking out of your teeth, is a very dangerous and life threatening at times. Yes it is not for everyone, everyday, everytime. But, if that is you,  your time and your bad day! So be aware on time. 

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