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Dr Shakti Sharma, Dentist in Lalitpur

Dr Shakti sharma Dentist in Lalitpur

Dr Shakti Sharma is a General dentist based in Lalitpur, Kumaripati. As a general dentist she has special interest in esthetic aspect of dentistry that means making teeth pleasing and alluring that includes making it more shining by bleaching, giving veneers, aligning undiscilplined teeth, closing gaps and more.

With the advent of social media, visual activity of the public in social media like you tube and tiktoks, good looking teeth with the dazzling portal is every youths’ craze. That is done by esthetic dentists. Contact her at Sydney Dental Clinic, KumariPati Phone: 015555460, 9841121943

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Description by Dental Tree Nepal curator Dr Dinesh Karki, also a dentist in Kathmandu

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