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Root canal experts in Nepal

When teeth are infected to the level of root or fratured exposing the root, that revealed part of root ( with blood vessels and nerves) gives unberable pain to the person. The one and only solution for that is treating that exposed part of tooth till root end. Treatig that means removing all remaining nerves and vessels from that particular tooth and filling with durable matreials that then remains there for good and tooth will be covered by roof or crown. Dentistry in Nepal with development of technology and growth of number of general dentists in nepal, this kind of treatment has been very easily manageable. This done by general dentists and endodontsts in Kathmandu and other part of Nepal.

Dr Amit Kumar Singh, Biratnagar

Dr Bipul Rajbhandari, Kathmandu

Dr Sanjay Kumar Tiwari, Kathmandu

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