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Proxa brush, a blessing for this who suffer food entrapping betwen their teeth.

Interdental Brush , Proxa brush

What is proxa (interdental brush) brush?

Interdental Brush , Proxa brush

Proxa brush is nothing but  small bunch of bristles which is Stuck around Tooth pick sized rod ( plastic or metal) with  handle. It is usually used to cleaning interdental spaces where food is trapped between teeth due to a bit bigger space formed due to any reason.  

It helps to take out trapped food.  Clean gums from micro films so no foul odor comes from mouth if you use this more often. 

It costs around 50 Nepali rupee which can also be reused after thorough cleaning. It is a blessing for those who are suffering from food entrapment between their teeth. It is for the places where Brush does not reach and that floss can not take away. 

It is mostly usefull for people of old age who have so many gaps  betwix their teeth.  

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