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Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons in Kathmandu and Lalitpur

Dentist Nepal maxillofacial surgeons

Many young graduates want to go for surgery specialty as it appears glamorous, you play with knife and sutures time and again, you assuage panic situations inside trauma room after inetervening the traumatic cases and managing it inside Operation theatre. Just like glamour it boasts it needs you as a serious chap, responsible person, decated dude and you name more!

So, surgery is always challenging and needing full responsibility and constant focus. And, that is more while doing inside mouth and sensitive facial regions: Be it taking out of complicated third molars ( wisdom teeth extraction) or doing cancerous area taking out or managing fracture of mandibles and facial bones ( because of road traffic calamities during the rush hour and uncontrolled driving of vehicles especially irresponsible driving) or corrective surgerues to make your face better looking. That is done by Oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Here are some of the roaring Maxillofacial surgeons of Nepal. Very good news for common people is that many are serving Nepal outside the big cities like Mahottari, Itahari, Dharan too. Many are working for community causes to correct cleft lip and palate.

  1. Dr Mahendra Maharjan. He is with Yala DentaL Clinic Pulchok and BnB hospital Lalitpur.
  2. Dr Bishwo Prachanda Sedhain, he is with his clinic Baisdhara Dental Clinic Kathmandu
  3. Dr Anjani Kumar Yadav, BPKIHS Dharan Nepal.
  4. Dr Krishna Prasad Nepal, Suswasthya Dental clinic Itahari.
  5. Dr Nitesh Chaurasia, Dhulikhel Hospital Kavre, Dhulkhel.
  6. Dr Kushal Bimb, Chabahil Kathmandu

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