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Indispensable connection of Oral cavity with General body: Digestive health, Heart, Psychology and performance.

Dental Blogger Dr Dinesh Karki

1. Teeth and digestive system; when you cannot chew food properly it may not get nicely crushed and when it is not nicely crushed it ultimately goes to the collecting reason of alimentary canal that is abdomen and it may not get digested or it cannot be broken into smaller pieces that body needs or body has to or elementary canal has to do extra work, extra impact or alimentary canal must burn candle at both ends. I mean it has to work hard. So, if your oral cavity cannot work which is supposed to do, so digestive system may face some problems. So always protect your digestive system by building your properties by building your nice biting system. Perfect chewing system is must. ( This is written by Kathmandu based blogger Dentist Dr Dinesh Karki )

Dental Blogger Dr Dinesh Karki

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2. Smell and society;  if you cannot maintain your oral hygiene, obviously bad smell may emanate and the people around you is society and who likes bad smell? Who likes offensive smell coming from around? Who likes miasma? Nobody likes. It is something like you closing nose while walking along the dirty river, or dumping site or landfield. People may try to be away from you. Do you like to walk? So smile and society has nice connection. Letting stinking thing from your oral cavity go for good by cleaning properly and maintaining it properly. And, make sure meet your dentist every six months or four months to figure out that it is not happening inside your portal of your body. This is how smell and society had that connection. ( This is written by Kathmandu based blogger Dentist Dr Dinesh Karki )

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3. Smile and psychology; Confidence, feeling of perfection, being loved and accepted all are part of psychology. So, when you hide you smile, when you feel your smile ia not good, when you close mouth while smiling, half confidence is gone. You have to brandish your pearly white perfectly.  Then your psychological level of confidence, your psychological level of full on impact will not be hindered or obstructed because of your smile. So smile very perfectly and work for the perfect smile. You have to take care of your pearly whitr on a timely basis. So, boost your psychology by boosting your smile. ( This is written by Kathmandu based blogger Dentist Dr Dinesh Karki )

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4. Gums and heart; There are a lot of gums problems that may lead to heart problems. The microbes which are in gums may go all the way to heart via blood straem, and it may cause heart diseases and there are other systemic diseases as well. I don’t want to make it complicated here. Just understand simple thing: our gums and heart are related. Gum disease may lead to some heart malady. So keep your gums healthy. Take care of your gums on time.( This is written by Kathmandu based blogger Dentist Dr Dinesh Karki )

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5. Pain and performance; when you are doing something. You need to focus on that. If your dental pain is terrible, in a travel will you be able to have fun?  Obviously not: You cannot think, you cannot manage, you cannot plan, you cannot perform. So, for the better performance in life, pain should not be there. Suppose your exam is coming. Suppose your final round of college is coming. Suppose your marriage is coming. Suppose you are going for a vacation. Suppose you are going for a honeymoon. Suppose you are planning something very interesting. And during that tenure during that period, if your teeth pain comes imagine how would the performance would be there then ? So, pain and performance are interrelated. ( This is written by Kathmandu based blogger Dentist Dr Dinesh Karki )

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Take good care of your teeth and gums. 


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