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Dental Prosthesis ( artificial teeth in Nepal) and smile again

As we talked about age of teeth in one of our previous den talk we know that the teeth can last forever if we take good care of them. However there are some situations where we are not able to save the teeth.
We need teeth not only to chew food but also for the clarity in our speech and to have a brighter smile.

In the absence of teeth the food that we take may not get digested well and may further have digestive issues. 
When it comes to speech the missing teeth specially the front ones may make it difficult to produce the correct sound or the phonetics hence others may not understand you which may In turn affect your self-esteem.
So when we are not able to save natural teeth we need to replace them with the artificial ones.
Generally we have two categories for the replacement of teeth, they are fixed and removable ones.

Under the fixed option we have implants and bridges.
Implant is  titanium screws that act as the root of the tooth and support the crown or artificial tooth on top where as in bridge system the artificial tooth is supported by the caps resting on the neighboring teeth.
Implants are expensive compared to the bridges but they are the only near natural option  for replacement of the missing teeth where there is no need to trim off the natural teeth for support like in the bridge system.
Dentures fall under the removable category which is made up of acrylic and takes support from the soft and hard tissue in the mouth and retain by suction created along with the soft tissue or by metal hooks binding to the remaining teeth in the mouth.

Once you replace the missing teeth you will be able to chew food properly, speak clearly and have a brighter smile. Moreover some may even benefit by looking younger due to the fullness gained on the cheek and lip areas. 
So even if you loose teeth do not hesitate to visit a dentist who will be able to give you new set of teeth with all the benefits along with it.
However try to save your natural teeth, brush twice daily after the meals and visit your dentist regularly.

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