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Common community concerns of oral hygiene and dental health in Nepal vis-a-vis around the world.

How to find dentist in Nepal.

 What is community? And, dental health concern. 

Community is a collective form of people living in certain society or in a region or in the world at large. Community contains different strata of people where some can easily afford for things they need  while some cannot. So, that is how community has so many concerns. Today we are going to focus on dental health concerns as dentistry is expensive around the globe. It is not prioritized by government excluding its insurance policy in many countries. That is why we are going to talk about dental health issues which clinically starts with tooth decay, bleeding gums and loose tooth or even dysfunctional tooth which are common among many other signs and symptoms seen in our community. In addition we might also consider talking about compromised aesthetics due to discoloured teeth or even crooked teeth .
But no worries with the emerging problems as there are preventable solutions that are cost effective and feasible to majority of people residing in any part of the world. 

Common Dental causes in community

The worst and common part of dental problem is the foul smell or bad breath which is encountered easily in majority of the people . So What are the complications of such problems? Suppose when there is poor hygiene the gums become loaded with the debris, bleeding also may render sometimes being uncontrolled, gum weakens and becomes less gripping to the teeth and it may stop protecting teeth and eventually the teeth may come out. In the worst case scenario, the infection may transfer to heart or around the body system as bacteria runs from mouth to whole system of human body.Therefore, a foul smell from the mouth can cause social problem to the person in addition to troublesome personal dental hygiene as he or she cannot chew the food properly .Since the food cannot be crushed these less chewed food can give rise to digestive problems. And other situations like pain in teeth or anywhere inside oral cavity  may lead ultimately to hazardous oral health where an individual cannot focus on their daily work and what will happen when a citizen cannot work well ? Of course,they cannot have a good impact to their society and at last the country as a whole may dwindle , but that is the “worst case scenario”. Thankfully with a slight awareness these complications can be treated early with a  possible protective measures. That is something  you have to forecast. So what are the possible protective measures? First of all, fluoride mixed water can be one of the feasible and affordable thing and second affordable thing can be good toothbrush and quality  toothpaste. Finally ,next one is adding a habit of regular gargling to simply clean the oral cavity.

Extremes situations in dental problem and majores to prevent it.

Sometimes there are unbearable pain  that can cost you a lot to spend for your treatment. If there is no teeth you will have to put natural looking aritificial  teeth , if there are problems with no gums or bleeding continuously then you have to go for gum surgeries.  If there is bad smell from your mouth it is always advisable for you to go for more dental hygiene visits and use of expensive mouth fresheners and gargling solutions. But these are ultimate treatment and ultimate treatment is always expensive for not only dentistry, in everything in life, in hell, in economics everywhere but be wise and don’t prepare worst scenarios for yourself to go into ultimate treatment. Don’t think of ultimate thing that you have to face. So always think of possible protective measures. Let me repeat it here one by one. Number one. Maintain your oral hygiene which can be under your control every day that is by  brushing your teeth twice daily. Use soft bristled brush with fluoridated toothpaste. Massage your gums with your finger and gargle with water which is available everywhere everytime after each meal. Try to increase (saliva by good fruit ) which is natural cleanser to your mouth plus fibrous fruit can also remove debris from your oral cavity by being an indirect brush and use salty water to gargle every morning and evening. Don’t use too much salt but little pinch of salt added to a glass of tepidwater will do it’s work. 

These are very basic measures to be taken care and as you know basic is very simple and complicated is more harming so go for simple ones earlier as possible. Do not underestimate your simple activities that may prevent you from going for a complication making yourself ready to bear the brunt of high finance,extreme pain, social pressure. 

And mission

A smiling individual creates a smiling circle. And, those circles build a smiling nation.  

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