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Are dentists doctors?

Dentists are also doctors

We can not clarify every Tom, Dick and Harry on issue they have been seing and aasuming things via blinkered eyes. But, some who, despite being known to the real world things, are still unclear and assume or think dentists are different from medical doctors in terms of degree and professional prefix they possess.

Medical students study basic science during intial three years of medical school. Dental students too study the same subjects including clinical subjects like medicine, surgery. Plus they have dental subjects too to study.

Medical students study 4 plus years of study followed by 1 year´s internship learning to treat living humans. Dental students too study 4 years of study and a year´s internship learning to work on living humans. Both of them sit for licencing exams to be able to see people legally ( in Nepal´s case same serial Council number they share!)

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Medical doctors manage swelling, wounds, lacerations, bleeding (in other parts of body). Dentists too manage all these ( inside oral cavity and facial regions). Medical doctors play with body bones, dental doctors play with facial bones and other 32 little bones.

Medical doctors anasthetise for surgeries.
Dental doctors too anasthetise for RTA wound managements, do conscious sedations and topical/sectional sedation for different surgical procedures.

Medical doctors work under hospitals. Dental doctors too work under hospital set up for major surgeries of face and jaws.

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Medical doctors know more medicines. Dental doctor too know medicines and prescribes medicine too. But, as name says surgery is their first thing. Dental students too follow oath by Hippocrates alike medical doctors.

Medical doctors work for emergency and life saving situation. Dental doctots too work in emergency and life threatening neck, Face and jaw swelling/ lesions they manage.

But, hey!, it is not comparison between medical fraternity with dental fraternity. It is just to make very unclear people clear by giving easy and simple examples´ of “compare and contrast” to make thing stand clear and corrected.

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